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One name, two fates

Both Wes Moores

In 2000, a young Rhodes Scholar read an article about another young man who had just been sentenced to prison. What struck him about this news story was not only were the two men around the same age, not only had they grown up in similar circumstances in Baltimore, but they had the same name. Two lives at the starting block of adulthood, one Wes Moore was on a path to what we would view as a successful life and another man named Wes Moore who was on his way to spending his life in prison. The Other Wes Moore, one of our summer reading book selections, explores the opportunities and obstacles that shaped the experiences of each Wes Moore.

SFUHS has a personal connection to this book as the author Wes Moore will be speaking at the Summerbridge 35th Celebration on May 9th. “It would be easy to think that this is the story of the author Wes Moore, who has experienced so much opportunity and success in his life. However, this story would not exist without the Wes Moore who is in prison. The other Wes Moore is also quite brilliant and without the stumbling blocks he encountered his life may have turned out very differently,” said Summerbridge director, Deundra Hundon when asked about the importance of this book.

Read an excerpt of this compelling story.


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