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Boys of Summer

Chad Harbach

What’s summer without blue skies, green fields and the crack of the bat? If you are already feeling nostalgic, then perhaps you should spend your summer reading The Art of Fielding, the much loved first novel by Chad Harbach. As any baseball fan knows there is more to the game that meets the eye. The Art of Fielding may be another baseball novel, but it is a beautifully rendered baseball novel about five lives on the precipice of change. Our Academic Dean, Kate Garrett, was surprised at how deeply moved she was by this book:

The Art of Fielding is an example of my favorite kind of novel – the kind that grabs me in the first paragraph and keeps me reading well into the night … the kind I never want to end.  The book is gripping because it has a compelling, sometimes hilarious and frequently nail-biting plot, and also because it creates these incredibly memorable and loveable characters.  And even with a story this engaging and characters this vivid, sometimes I would stop and read a sentence over a few times, because the prose just took my breath away.

She is not alone. The New York Times and The Onion A/V Club agree. You can start reading the first chapter now.

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