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The Housekeeper and the Professor was a quiet, intimate novel. While reading it I felt like I was in the Professor’s tiny, crowded cottage experiencing the Housekeeper’s days. I wanted to  find a better way to catalog the memories pinned to his rumpled suit, make sure he ate his carrots, and get him outside to play catch with Root. The story was compelling and ultimately very emotional, but I won’t lie to you: not much happens. That doesn’t make me like the book any less, in fact every time my heart started to race thinking something (bad) might happen and it didn’t I was thrilled. However, after reading it I was somewhat perplexed to find that there was a movie made of it.

Now, amnesia is a tried and true narrative element. Who can resist the lure of forgetting the past and starting fresh? Or forgetting the past and trying to remember that life-changing event that got you there? Or forgetting that you were a government assassin, starting over, and being chased down by the very government who trained you, tried to kill you, failed, and made you lose your memory in the first place? However, (spoiler alert!) none of those things happen in The Housekeeper and the Professor. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a copy of the movie (called The Professor’s Beloved Equation). In the meantime, I think I might watch a few of these amnesia-based favorites as named by IFC.

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I'm a high school librarian. I love it when I find that essential source that didn't seem like it existed.

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