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More Raiders remakes

It seems like Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala are not the only fans who decided to remake Raiders of the Lost Ark. Here are three more versions:

Indyanimation is a stop motion animation of the first six minutes of the movie. Using Hasbro figures and art supplies such as foam core and paper mache to make the sets, this sequence took 6 months to make.


Raiders of the Lost Brick takes some liberties with the plot and our fedora-wearing hero is played by a minifig.

lego indy2

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were inspired by classic 50s film serials. This preview for an imagined 1950’s version of Raiders is made up of spliced together bits from old trailers and clips – and it seems that ‘being inspired by’ can be quite close to ‘copying’.

raiders premake

And if you want to get your own version going, you can start with the script.

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